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Kvir feminist actziya + party

26. Juli 2014 - 20:00
Join the kvir_feminist Party!
The queer_feminist festival is organized by a group of migrants* from the imaginary place 
    called “(South) Eastern Europe” and their allies. The aim of the festival is to 
    create a space where we all can engage in a critique of the notorious dominance of
    “Western” queer_feminist concepts within LGBTIAQQ[2] activism as well as theory. 
    We want to focus on self-(re)presentation, empowerment and trans-regional networking of activists from (South)
    Eastern Europe and to spotlight activism beyond hegemonic “Western” images 
    and ideas of how “queer” and "feminism” have to be or what they look like.
 [1]  We are aware that by now, “queer“ is
                                      a highly theoretical and academic
                                      term, which at the same time
                                      becomes more and more linked to
                                      consumerism and a certain “chic
                                      lifestyle”. Nevertheless we
                                      decided to use it for our cause,
                                      to re-implement it, to signify a
                                      form of fight, and to make it
                                      visible and strong again. We are
                                      also aware that “queer” can be
                                      seen as a Western hegemonic
                                      concept and that in the course of
                                      the festival it will not appeal to
                                      everyone. One of the purposes of
                                      the festival will be to discuss
                                      exactly these issues.
                                  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*,
                                  Intersex, Asexual, Questioning, Queer
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