Feminist, antiracist sqatting days!

Mehr Infos unter: https://fractiononwheels.noblogs.org/

"From 24th-30th march 2016 our days of activism „FrAction on wheels“ will be taking place in Vienna, with focal points on occupying public spaces in cities as well as in society, squatting, speculation, antiracism, etc.

During these days of activism we want to celebrate the 10 years of existence of the highly contested trailer-life in Vienna. To us, fighting for autonomous spaces in cities and society is not only always exciting and demanding but is also of great importance. Therefore, we want to meet up to share our experiences and praxes and create something new together. We chose the last week in march because once again the trailer group Treibstoff will be evicted after a short-dated, precarious contract on an unacceptable property of the city of Vienna..."