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ONCE OVER (skapunk, uk) + FROM PLAN TO PROGRESS (punkrock, uk)

13. April 2008 - 22:00

ONCE OVER play a unique mixture of Ska, Hardcore-Punk and Metal. The band fuses these styles with a strong DIY ethic as well as political and social issues.

Once again, the band have proven themselves to be one of the UKs hardest working bands by touring constantly since this release. So far ONCE OVER have played shows all over the UK, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Holland, and Austria with bands such as Big D and The Kids Table and Rentokill. The forthcoming months promise much of the same, with a European tour scheduled for April and another couple of UK tours at the beginning of next year ...
From Plan to Progress are a four piece fast melodic hardcore band playing music in the vain of Strike Anywhere and Rise Against. We recorded with Peter Miles for the 6 track EP, titled 'Bombs, Towns and Chords' which was released September 2005.